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Used rubber tires is a major environmental issue in the world, especially in Africa
and Southeast Asia. Many countries do not have a certain way to dispose
of them, so most of the tires are discarded and disposed in the countryside, the
jungles or just burnt in situ. These methods destroy our mother nature with their leaching chemicals or poisonous fumes.

Rubber tires are widely used in Africa to make sandals and flipflops because of its durability and hardness. Our intention is to recycle these tires with fancy and fashionable designs, combining handcrafted natural hemp and NAGA fabric to make our environmentally friendly shoes.


Made in Northern Thailand by using nature hemp and hand weaving NAGA fabric.

- Comfortable padded insole.
- Adjustable foot top strap for different foot shape.
- Fabric will become softer time by time to fit your foot shape perfectly.
- Non-slip Rubber tire sole. 

Size Euro:
M - 37-38
L - 38-39
XL - 39-40

Caring tips:
- Cold wash & hand wash only
- Use soap water/ white vinegar for obvious dirt, do not use chemical laundry liquid.
- NOT Waterproof