GLASGOW Banner patch

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We moved to Glasgow from Hong Kong in 2021 and we are deeply impressed by the slangs here that inspired us to make these patches. We use the vintage Glasgow bus body colour for the patch colour reference.

Yer good looking cu*t:
We thought it was an insult until someone yelled to us on the opposite street with a big smile..

Sound people made Glasgow:
In Scotland, "Sound" means Good.

Because I lied when I was 17:
Pair with our other Scotland patch - Why does it always rain on me

Purple Burglar Alarm:
There is a say that Scottish people can't say these words together.

Gaun yersel!!:
Go on Yourself!

Fancy a swally?:
Fancy an alcoholic drink? is as common as asking you out for a coffee.

Measurement: 9 x 4 cm

Original design by and proudly made in Nepal by using the classic old embroidery machine with skillful hands.